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Leon C. LaBrecque, CPA, JD, CFA, CFP

Leon LaBrecque is the founder and CEO of LJPR. Under Leon’s 26 years of leadership, LJPR has grown to be recognized as one of the top independent investment advisers in the country.

He has a passion for sharing his vast wealth management knowledge with everyone he can. He has authored a number of corporate retirement programs for municipalities and Fortune 500 companies across the country. In 1989, Leon founded the Masters of Science in Finance program while serving as the Department Chair of Finance and Economics at Walsh College.

Leon helped start the Michigan Alpha Project, for which he personally provided $100,000 for Walsh College investment students to invest in an all-Michigan portfolio.

Leon’s passion for the outdoors is as strong as his passion for helping people make educated financial decisions. When he’s not helping clients or hashing out the next big thing in wealth management, you’ll probably find him kayaking one of our great lakes or playing with his three golden retrievers.

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The Death of the Stretch IRAs

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Leon C. LaBrecque, CPA, JD, CFA, CFP
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