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Trey Cousins, JD, CPA

Trey Cousins, JD, CPA,is Board Certified in Tax Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and represents corporations and individuals in tax controversies, both administratively and in litigation. In addition he has defended taxpayers in criminal tax matters. In recent years much of his practice has involved Estate and Gift tax litigation and he has tried numerous cases in that area, including: Estate of Knight v. Commissioner, Jones v. Commissioner, Estate of Foy Proctor v. Commissioner, Estate of Fleming v. Commissioner, Estate of Marmaduke v. Commissioner, Adams v. United States, Kimbell v. United States and Keller v. United States. He successfully argued the Fifth Circuit appeals in Adams and Kimbell. Trey has broad experience in the civil tax arena, trying excise tax cases (Moody v. Commissioner), bankruptcy cases (In Re: Hutton), refund cases (Advertisers Dynamic Services Co., Inc. v. United States), and well as substantive tax cases (70 Acre Recognition Partners v. Commissioner, Pediatric Surgeons v. Commissioner, etc.). Trey is a Certified Public Accountant and is an active speaker on substantive and procedural tax issues for numerous professional organizations nationally. Mr. Cousins was admitted to practice in Texas in 1980.