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Yes you need those stinking' badges, Earn yours today

Share your professional achievements with those who matter most.

Accounting CPE Network is proud to offer Digital Badges. The ACPEN Digital Badge is a way for Accountants and CPAs to focus their continuing education learning on a specific and highly relevant area, while earning required CPE. Then, display your earned expertise with your digital badge! Your digital badge can be downloaded and displayed on your email signature, website, and social networks. Each digital badge can also be linked to a unique URL to share your certificate and your achievement!

What is an ACPEN Digital Badge?

A Digital Badge is a digital symbol of your professional achievement. Unlike paper certificates, your digital badge can be easily shared through your online channels, and you can link your badge to a digital certificate detailing the knowledge and skills required to earn it.

What is the value of a Digital Badge?

  • It demonstrates your commitment to relevant, high-quality continuing education from a reputable source.
  • It shows your interest and earned expertise in a specific area of business. 
  • It allows you to share and publicize your achievements on your email signature, website, and social media channels, lending professional credibility and potentially adding to your marketability.
  • It signals to clients, employers, and professional colleagues your commitment to professional growth and development.

Where can I showcase my Digital Badge?

Digital Badges can be shared via:

  • Email Signature
  • Personal and professional websites
  • Social Networks:
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook