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Andy Landis

Andy Landis is one of the nation’s leading educators on Social Security and life planning for retirement.  A speaker, author, and consultant, Andy’s mission is to deliver clear, accurate information with generous helpings of fun and humor.  Andy conducts training seminars for the Financial Planning Association, the American Institute of CPAs, Fortune 500 firms, and others, for financial professionals and the public.   

His books include:

•    The award-winning Social Security, The Inside Story (Crisp Publications), hailed as the best book on the topic

•    Social Security:  Answering the Top Ten Client Mysteries (College for Financial Planning)

•    Social Security for the Financial Professional (American Institute of CPAs)    

Articles by Andy have appeared in numerous magazines, and he was profiled in Financial Planning magazine.  He has appeared on television, radio, training videos and audio tapes, national videoconferences, and live webcasts.    

Andy’s background includes employment at AARP and the Social Security Administration.  At AARP Andy served as Social Security Project Manager for the nine states of the West Region, formed a cadre of volunteer spokespersons, and created the worksheet How Would YOU Change Social Security?   At SSA he served as Field Representative and created the videotape Social Security:  It Never Stops Working.    

Andy is a past state chapter president of the International Society for Retirement Planning.