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Angela Kroboth, ACDA, CAAP

Kroboth Consulting

Angela Kroboth is an innovative Data Analytics expert with over 20 years of experience turning business questions into data queries.  She is educated in Econometrics, Public Policy Analysis, Statistics, and Audits, works with organizations in both the public and private sector, and has a keen interest in integrating data analytics into the work of criminal investigations.  In 2000, Ms. Kroboth designed and built “big data” systems that allow investigators to proactively identify fraudulent practices in medical billings and workers’ compensation. She received the Assistant Inspector General Award in 2001 (an Internal Business Award for Healthcare Analytics Systems Development), and the CIGIE Award for Excellence in 2021 (for Healthcare Investigations Analytics).  Angela is a professional speaker on the topics of Data Analytics, Communication, and Leadership, who believes that people should take care of each other, not take advantage of each other, and that one way to do this this through fraud detection.