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Dennis J. Gerschick, CPA, CFA, PFS, JD

Dennis Gerschick is the founder and CEO of Regal Seminars ( He brings to the podium a truly unique set of skills and many years of experience as an Attorney, CPA, Chartered Financial Analyst, Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), and Venture Capitalist. Mr. Gerschick has the knowledge and background to present topics from a variety of perspectives.

Earning an accounting degree from Florida Atlantic University, he passed the May, 1978 CPA exam on his first attempt, with only 6% doing so. Before entering law school, he worked as a CPA with Ernst & Young, one of the Big 4 accounting firms. While he practiced primarily in the tax department, valuable experience was gained by working on a number of audits.

After graduating from Drake University Law School in 1983, Mr. Gerschick worked in the tax department of one of Atlanta's largest law firms, Powell, Goldstein, LLP, which has since merged with Bryan Cave, LLP. There he was involved in a wide variety of real estate and business transactions.

In 1990, he earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. The CFA program is a three year program of study, and it requires the participant to pass three rigorous annual examinations. Since 1999, he has served as President of VenCap Advisory Group, Inc.; which is the sole general partner of VenCap Opportunities Fund, L.P.; a venture capital fund. The American Institute of CPAs awarded Mr. Gerschick the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation.

Mr. Gerschick speaks frequently throughout the world regarding a variety of business, investment, legal, and tax topics. The Georgia Bar has asked him to chair many seminars over the years. He has spoken at the annual Corporate Litigation seminar several times, once about "Using Financial Statements in the Courtroom."

The Institute of Continuing Judicial Education in Georgia has invited Mr. Gerschick to speak many times. There, he educates judges about accounting, financial statements, forensic accounting, and the valuation of private companies.

In addition to speaking at seminars, he provides financial, business, and investment advice to individuals and companies through Gerschick Wealth Management, LLC. Attorneys, CPAs, and other professional advisors request Mr. Gerschick to assist them, so that they can represent their own clients more effectively. His service on several Boards of Directors and audit committees gives him another perspective to more effectively counsel executives and directors about corporate governance, contracts, tax, and business issues, and other matters as well.

Mr. Gerschick has served on the American Institute of CPAs’ Business Valuation Subcommittee. There he worked with some of the country’s recognized experts in the business valuation area.

A book written by Mr. Gerschick was recently published titled, Raising Capital: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs Seeking Venture Capital. This book was built upon two monographs he authored, Raising Capital and Attracting Investors to Your Start-Up, both of which are offered by the Capital Formation Finance Institute in Washington DC. American Venture, a magazine targeted at entrepreneurs and accredited investors, featured an interview with Mr. Gerschick. His articles have been published in magazines such as eeeluminator, and by a number of state CPA societies in their magazines and newsletters. A series of his articles can be viewed on-line at and