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Wesley Miller

Wes Miller currently serves as the Director of the Healthcare Policy & Process for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. His primary area of focus is Healthcare Reform policy analysis and process improvement for the Health Insurance Industry. He is responsible for disseminating the policy language into useful, functional requirements for implementation by the health insurance issuer. He periodically speaks to audiences about the impacts of the changing regulatory landscape and participates in national healthcare policy forums in Washington, DC. He also currently serves as a representative for the Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition (LHEC) that is a grass roots community organization with the mission of educating the public about the Healthcare Reform Law. Prior to joining Blue Cross Blue Shield, he served as President and CEO of WCM Management, Inc. and COO/CFO of WSA, LLC.  During his tenure with WCM Management, he consulted with small businesses and assisted them in the development of short term and long term strategic planning along with providing operational guidance. He also served as Vice President of Commercial Lending at Fidelity Bank in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since joining Blue Cross Blue Shield, he has logged thousands of hours studying the estimated 20,000 pages of the Healthcare Reform regulations. He works alongside the organization’s legal, audit and compliance departments helping to ensure adherence with all aspects of this law. He also assists the Healthcare Reform implementation team with the operational complexities related to the new law.  He frequently participates in meetings with the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor, and the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, DC. It is at these meetings he and other insurance providers, have the opportunity to provide Agencies with feedback regarding the complex operational issues of the Healthcare Reform Bill.  From these meetings, he is able to communicate changes needed for a successful implementation by the issuer.